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Finding a purpose of humanity:Why are we here?

I’ve been pondering the big question for ages – what’s the purpose of humanity, and why are we here?

Recently stumbled upon the best answer so far, in a short video about a Japanese artist’s stayed at an African village.

According to the village leader, our primary purpose lies in the act of celebration – an endeavor that transcends destructive tendencies, comparisons, and conflicts.

This notion deeply resonated with me, highlighting our distinctive capacity to appreciate and celebrate the inherent beauty surrounding us.

Whether it be the delicate allure of flowers or the celestial grandeur of the night sky, our capacity for celebration imbues life with profound significance.

This newfound insight has injected hope into my consciousness, dispelling any uncertainties regarding my existence.

I now find solace and purpose in the belief that each individual can uniquely contribute to the universal celebration of life.

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