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About Me

Hello, I’m Makiko, an Integrative Therapist specialising in Quantum Healing Therapy and Talking Therapy to support people going through difficult transitions.

I am originally from Japan and have been living in UK since 1997 and now reside in South West London. I have two grown-up daughters who currently live and work in Tokyo. Over the years, I have had numerous encounters with mental health services through my interactions with family and friends. These experiences sparked a deep desire within me to make a positive difference in people's lives and offer them hope. In 2022, while working as an acupuncturist and healer, I found myself drawn to a new path.

It was during this time that I had the opportunity to meet Lorenzo, a retired GP who had transitioned into specializing in the knowledge of the complementary therapy and psychological services industry. Upon his recommendation, I explored Lorenzo's therapy training website and immediately felt a strong connection. Intrigued and inspired, I decided to embark on the journey of becoming a therapist under his guidance and mentorship. Lorenzo has become an invaluable mentor and long-term supervisor, playing a crucial role in shaping my approach and methodology. If you are curious to learn more about my work with Lorenzo, I have detailed information in "The Lorenzo Method" below, also in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

My journey, like many, started with one step – as a Reiki practitioner in 2008. More recently, I ventured into Quantum Healing , a transformative discipline. Guided by a remarkable teacher in Japan, I qualified as an Integrative Quantum Medicine ( IQM™ ) practitioner.

My own experience as a practitioner and has shown me that integrating talk therapy and energy healing is essential. It provides a more comprehensive understanding, addresses emotional and energetic aspects, promotes holistic well-being, fosters personal growth, and facilitates the release of energetic blockages. This combination overcomes the limitations of each approach used individually.

This confluence of knowledge gave birth to Integrative Therapy – a tapestry woven from Quantum Healing and the art of talk therapy. It’s a journey to unearth individual needs and values, illuminate causes, and cleanse energies. This therapy remains in perpetual evolution, adapting as it gathers insights.


With compassion and dedication, I invite you to join me on this path of healing and transformation. 

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My passion to support women through transitions

Having gone through a difficult divorce myself, I understand firsthand how isolating and overwhelming this process can be. Like many of you, I didn’t have the right kind of support or understanding from friends and family even with the best intention. I was confused and lost in their opinions and forgot my needs through the process. I also juggled the complexities of raising two teenagers facing their own difficulties.


Through my own journey, I discovered invaluable tools and resources that empowered me to emerge from the darkness of divorce stronger and wiser. Now, I’m dedicated to using my personal experience to help women going through similar trials, assisting women navigating the challenging journey of divorce and other life events . My mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space where you can openly explore your doubts and fears, harnessing the power of talking therapy and energy healing to balance your whole being.


I believe that by looking after your wellbeing and enhancing your natural beauty, you can emerge from the divorce process not only healthier but also more confident and ready to embrace new possibilities, including the opportunity to meet the right partner if you wish.

You don’t have to face this journey alone; I’m here to support you every step of the way.

The Lorenzo Method

Lorenzo worked as a full time doctor in the National Health Service between 1982 and 2012 in UK. Initially training as an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, he switched careers to retrain as a General Practitioner which spanned the last 16 years of his career. He is now retired and works as a private doctor specialising in advice on Complementary Therapies and advice on a spectrum of psychological therapies relevant to Mental Health. He is based in Richmond, London.

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