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 Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is an innovative, non-invasive healing approach that blends Eastern energy methods with Western physiology, providing effective painless healing. It combines the best of both traditions into a single technique, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),  Qi Gong, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Physiology and Anotomy and Quantum Theory.​

Quantum Healing works by restoring balance in the body’s energetic field, allowing for a deeper level of healing on physical, metaphysical, psychological, psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Through this process, you can experience long-lasting relief from pain, anxiety, unwanted weight issues, insomnia, digestive problems, skin conditions, addiction, unhealthy relationships and other physical and emotional issues.

This methodology focuses on energy fields, enabling healing at a distance as well as in person so that it could be integrated with other treatment such as acupuncture and LED Light therapy, which yield effective results. 

 Always consult with a licensed medical practitioner for serious health concerns, and consider IQM™ as complementary rather than a replacement for conventional medical care.

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