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Finding Inner Peace: How Letting Go of TV Transformed My Mind

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often underestimate the impact of the choices we make, especially the seemingly small ones. This is the story of my journey, how I decided to part ways with my television, and how it transformed my relationship with news, entertainment, and my very thoughts.

My Journey to Unplug

My story begins when I moved into my own place and was faced with the task of setting up my TV with an aerial. I felt stereotypically clueless as a woman, so I left it disconnected.

Little did I know that this decision would set in motion a profound transformation in my life, shaping my perspective on the world and my own mental well-being.

Prior to this, I was a self-proclaimed TV addict. My day used to kick off with the morning news, checking the weather and overnight disasters and I would round off my evenings by tuning in to the 10 o’clock news. My friends were often the characters on soap operas, and I even learned a fair bit of English from them. I was deeply entrenched in the world of television, and this newfound freedom felt like a daunting challenge.

The early days of this transition were far from easy. My children protested, claiming boredom and even labelling it as “abuse.” But as we pressed on, we started exploring different avenues of entertainment. What initially seemed like a mere habit soon unveiled itself as a full-blown addiction, one that consumed not just my time but also my mental space.

Peace of Mind

The consequences of this transformation became increasingly apparent. Without the daily bombardment of news, my mind began to find a newfound peace. I noticed a stark reduction in violent dreams and nightmares, which I had become accustomed to after ingesting a daily dose of real-world disasters and violence from the news.

Clarity Amongst a Chaos

But the most significant change was the rediscovery of my ability to think for myself. I realized that much of my thoughts and beliefs were shaped by external influences, from the news to advertisements. This epiphany encouraged me to break free from this external control and nurture my independent thinking.

Fast forward over a decade, and I continue to live a TV-free life. To some, this might seem irresponsible, but I firmly believe in my choice. My focus has shifted to celebrating the inherent goodness of humanity and stepping away from the relentless despair that the media often perpetuates.

In my mind, trust in humanity and the kindness of those I encounter daily have become paramount. I find solace in the polite and harmonious society I choose to engage with, and I adhere to the age-old principle of treating others as I wish to be treated.

Freedom from Conditioning

My story serves as a testament to the profound power of reclaiming our thoughts and beliefs. It’s an encouragement for all of us to trust ourselves, believe in our inner sense of right and wrong, and prioritize our mental well-being over the constant external influences that surround us. In a world teeming with noise and distractions, my story is a reminder that finding and nurturing inner peace is a choice we can make.

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