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Anxiety and Depression

How do Anxiety and Depression manifest ?

  Anxiety predominantly encompasses sensations of heightened nervousness, restlessness, and unease, accompanied by a sense of limited control over incessant worry. Excessive preoccupation with various matters, difficulty in achieving a state of relaxation, an overwhelming restlessness that impedes stillness, heightened irritability, and an underlying apprehension regarding potential dire circumstances, collectively characterize the spectrum of anxious experiences.

  Depression manifests primarily through a diminished sense of interest or joy in activities, accompanied by feelings of melancholy, despondency, and hopelessness. Sleep patterns often become disrupted, encompassing difficulties with both falling asleep and staying asleep, as well as instances of excessive slumber or early morning awakenings. A prevailing sense of fatigue and depleted energy becomes apparent, and appetite disturbances may lead to either reduced intake or excessive consumption. Individuals in the throes of depression commonly harbor self-critical thoughts, viewing themselves as failures who have disappointed not only themselves but also their loved ones. Concentration becomes an arduous task, be it while attempting to engage with reading materials or watching television. The pace of speech and movement might slow to a noticeable extent, or conversely, restlessness and a compulsive need to be in motion can arise. Frequently, depressive thoughts extend to contemplations of a life’s end or inclinations towards self-harm.

  It is important to note that short-term anxiety and depression are part of the normal spectrum and in most cases do not need any help. For example pure anxiety will occur if you receive an unexpected tax demand from Inland Revenue. Pure Depression will occur after a bereavement.


  Most clients seeking help from a therapist or doctor will have a mixed  anxiety and depression picture that has built up over time and which is impacting their ability to function adequately in their workplace and in their home environment and impacting their health.


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