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How I Work

In my therapy sessions, I blend the power of talk therapy with Quantum Healing.

We start by delving into your unique story through a comprehensive case history.

Together, we’ll pinpoint the challenges you’re facing and create a personalised management plan, complete with clear goals. My focus during our sessions is to foster an open and supportive space where you can freely express yourself. I’m here to actively listen and truly understand your needs.

With Quantum Healing, I delve into the root causes of concerns, addressing energy blockages. The goal is to bring clarity and rejuvenation by clearing negative energies, promoting overall well-being.

Dr. DaCosta is an invaluable resource. When necessary, I consult with him to provide a well-rounded perspective, especially in areas like general practitioner advice, medication concerns, and navigating the NHS services. Your well-being is my top priority, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.


 I see my role as a compassionate guide, helping clients navigate their journey to healing.

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